Rural Theology Journal

IMG_1464The Association’s journal, Rural Theology, is free to all members, and is now published twice a year and studies relevant issues in depth. All issues are available online to members, via the Taylor and Francis Website. If you wish to receive it, or to view back copies on line, please join the Rural Theology Association – instructions are here.

The Editor of Rural Theology is the Revd Dr Tania ap Siôn. The Senior Editor is the Revd Canon Professor Leslie J Francis.

The editorial team can be contacted via: Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research (CEDAR), The University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.  Articles may be submitted for peer review to

Recent / forthcoming journal articles

Recent / forthcoming journal articles include:

Impact of Covid-19 on Fragile Churches: Is the Rural Situation Really Different? by Leslie J. Francis, Andrew Village and S. Anne Lawson

Faith in Lockdown: Experiences of Rural Church of England Clergy and Laityduring the Covid-19 Pandemic by Andrew Village and Leslie J. Francis

The Power of Place: Listening to Visitors’ Prayers Left in a Shrine in Rural Wales by Tania ap Sion

What Prevents Christians from Learning to Be Good? by Jeff Astley

Theological Diversity in Rural Churches by John Holdsworth

Comparing Religious Beliefs and Strategies in Rural Ministry among Catholic and Evangelical Anglican Clergy by Christopher J. F. Rutledge

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